Education Overview

WQA education sessions are offered in three technical tracks, for learners of all experience and skill levels, and a business operations track. Whether you’re looking for help motivating your sales team or want to participate in a live redesign project, the 2024 Convention provides education sessions you want and need.

Introductory-Level Water Treatment Topics

  • Debunking POU RO Myths 
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: What’s that smell? 
  • This water is terrible! Fix It! 
  • The Why, How, and What of Product Certification 
  • Water Testing Workshop 
  • Manganese – A Little Understood Problem 
  • Key Information for POE System Sizing 

Intermediate-Level Water Treatment Topics

  • PFAS Removal, Whole House Point of Entry Case Study Update after 2 years in Service 
  • Thermal Destruction of PFAS During Full-Scale Reactivation of Granular Activated Carbon 
  • PFAS Migration in Landfills 
  • Understanding the Opportunities and the Hurdles to Treating Lead in Schools 
  • Emerging Contaminants 
  • Water: Biosecurity and Disinfection 
  • The WQRF Toolbox: Tools You Can Use during Kitchen Table Conversations 
  • WQRF Research Updates and Poster Winner Presentations  
  • Fools Rush In: Addressing the Unknown Factors for Successful Clean Up of Water Quality After Disasters 
  • Disinfecting Wells 
  • Multi-tank Progressive Systems for Residential & Commercial Applications 
  • A Primer on Using Bench & Pilot Testing for Proof of Concept  

Commercial/Industrial Application Topics

  • Commercial/Industrial Applications 101 
  • World’s Best Cup of Coffee – Brewing Coffee with RO Water 
  • Getting to know the WELL Building Standard for Improving Built Environments 
  • Drinking Water Treatment – A Zero Liquid Discharge Design 
  • Realtime Redesign Workshop: Update a Potable Water System Design to Meet Water Quality, Water
  • Conservation, and Energy Conservation Goals 

Business Operations Topics

  • Training your Sales Team to Create Self-Generated Leads 
  • Market Trends in the Water Treatment Industry 
  • Elevating Profits and Retention by Developing your Technicians 
  • Unchartered Water Update: Customer, Channels and Resources 
  • Get a Grip on Your Business – EOS 
  • Mastering the Art of Marketing: Expert Panel 
  • Unlocking Growth – The potential advantages of a customer-centric rental program 
  • AI and Water Treatment: Navigating the Future for Dealers 

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Orlando March 5-7!

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