ROI Toolkit

Get a full look at the benefits of participating in the WQA Convention & Exposition with our handy toolkit. The quick-and-easy worksheet can help you determine your company’s Return on Investment so you can be part of the 2024 Convention in Orlando!

What’s in the Toolkit?

  • What’s Included With Your Registration
  • Reasons to Attend
  • Value of Attending Letter
  • Expense Worksheet

Why You Should Attend Convention


Better water starts with you. But to guide your customers toward the solutions they need, you have to stay up to date on the latest technologies, trends and water quality concerns. With more than 200 exhibitors and 3,000 attendees, the WQA Convention & Expo provides you with an efficient way to source cutting-edge products, update your knowledge on critical topics like PFAS and discover new ways to grow your operation — as well as your network.


With over 50 hours of education designed for dealers with all levels of expertise, pre-convention events focused on scientific research and business strategies, and exhibitors offering the most advanced water filtration products, there’s no better place to strengthen your knowledge than here, our one-stop shop for learning all aspects of running a successful water treatment business.


Whether you’re looking for insights about consumers’ increased focus on health or seeking new reverse osmosis systems, you’ll find what you’re after at the WQA Convention, the most comprehensive annual gathering of water treatment professionals in North America. Business-focused training developed specifically for dealers, insights into current water quality challenges and all the latest products are here under one roof so you can find everything you need to get ahead in a rapidly growing market.

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