WQA’s Crazy Idea: Anything but a Cup!

Inspired by our Keynote Speaker, Kyle Scheele, WQA has a crazy idea of its own. To ignite industry excitement for the 2024 Convention and to be a catalyst for quality water, we’re asking that you avoid the old, predictable, standard-edition water glass and instead quench your thirst using the craziest drinking vessel you can imagine.

Why? Sharing how we’re thinking “outside the cup” can inspire conversations not only about the drinking vessel but also what’s in it – quality water, of course. After all, WQA members’ mission is to help ensure that, no matter how you drink it, your water is the best quality it can be.

Prizes will be given out, fame will be bestowed, enemies will become friends, and world peace will be achieved (or that’s what Kyle tells us, anyway). We’ll also see a real, live demonstration of his philosophy that a seemingly crazy idea can energize and engage people, sparking creativity and innovation.

So get over yourself and get involved! Take a photo of someone drinking out of a bucket or plastic bag (that might just happen to have your company’s logo on it) at work. Bring a watering can to Convention and sip from it during education sessions.  You can pack your not-a-cup in your suitcase, repurpose something you already carry with you, or search for treasure in a discount store after you land in Orlando.

Whatever you do, post a photo or video on social media with the hashtag #WQACRAZYIDEA. And maybe tag WQA, too.  We’re going to share the funniest, the weirdest, the most awe-inspiring examples on our social media accounts and giggle over them all during Convention.

“Some see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not.”

Senator Robert F. Kennedy

See what Anything but a Cup is all about in this video

Anything But a Cup / #WQACRAZYIDEA
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