ROI Toolkit

Get a full look at the benefits of participating in the WQA Convention & Exposition with our new toolkit. The quick-and-easy worksheet can help you determine your company’s Return on Investment so you can be part of the momentum in Las Vegas!

What’s in the Toolkit?

  • What’s Included With Your Registration
  • Reasons to Attend
  • Value of Attending Letter
  • Expense Worksheet

Why You Should Attend Convention


More than 150 exhibitors and 2,500
attendees provide plenty of opportunities to create new relationships within the industry and grow those you have already built. Share thoughts or ask questions in education sessions as a way of exploring ideas with your fellow attendees. On the expo floor, you can explore new companies, new technologies and new trends.


Have you been in the drinking water treatment industry for awhile? You’re likely to bump into people you know or companies that you work with, so capitalize on that! Schedule a meeting to conduct business at convention rather than spending money on a site visit later. Are you new to the industry? Capitalize on the years of knowledge exhibited on the expo floor and connect with leaders in the industry.


The WQA Convention & Exposition and the Pre-Convention sessions offer 50 hours of education and more than 35 speakers. This is the perfect time to expand your such as PFAS, lead, and Business operations. It’s also a great way to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits and work toward your professional certification designation. You could even take a Professional Certification exam on site (pre-registration required).

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