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Justin Mest

Justin A. Mest is the head of the Science and Technology department at Master Water Conditioning Corporation, a manufacturer of a variety of water treatment products, services, and technical support for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Justin’s responsibilities include management of Master Water Conditioning Corporation’s internal water analysis laboratory, product application and development, internal and external technical support, quality control, and customer education and training. Justin is an active member in the Water Quality Association, currently serving as a voting member of the WQA Water Sciences Committee. Justin also currently serves on a Water Quality Research Foundation task force. Justin is certified by the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Specialist. Justin has performed multiple education seminars, primarily focused on product application and troubleshooting. These presentations include direct education events for customers, as well as for trade organizations, including WQA, EWQA, the Maryland-Delaware Well Water Association, the New England Water Well Association. Justin has written multiple technical papers on water treatment topics, ranging from a detailed explanation of the aesthetics of softened water via cation exchange, to corrosion application theory. Justin graduated from Hampshire College with a major in Natural Science and a minor in fine arts.



Navigating the Unknown: Applying Treatment with Limited Information

10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Location: S330 E

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