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Jarrett Thomas

Mr. Jarrett Thomas, Professional Implementer with EOS Worldwide. Jarrett Thomas has 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the water industry, most notably as owner and president of a nationally accredited water testing laboratory. Like most entrepreneurs, Jarrett spent years running on pure instinct, first experiencing rapid growth followed by a period of frustration, which he calls “hitting the ceiling”. In 2014, he was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (“EOS”) — a simple set of practical tools designed to harness human energy and ensure discipline and accountability in entrepreneurial organizations. Implementing EOS helped Jarrett clarify, simplify, and achieve his vision, and over the next few years, he was able to break through the ceiling and triple the size of the company. In 2020, Jarrett decided to sell the business to pursue his passion of helping other business owners and their leadership teams succeed. As a Professional EOS Implementer, Jarrett now spends all his energy helping entrepreneurial organizations execute their vision and reach new heights of success with discipline and accountability.



Get a Grip on Your Business

10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Location: S330 D

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