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Lydia Brewster

Lydia Brewster's journey in the business world commenced during her childhood summers, spent actively engaged in her family's water treatment business. From humble beginnings, Lydia embraced tasks ranging from taking out the trash to booking filter changes. Over time, her dedication has assumed managerial roles across three to four departments within the family company of 50 employees. As both marketing and warehouse manager, Lydia found profound satisfaction in harmonizing the intricacies of sales with the tangible quality of work delivered to clients' homes. Her multifaceted experiences have endowed her with a comprehensive understanding of business operations and imbued her with an owner's mindset, enabling her to approach new challenges with vision and purpose. Which is why she now handles Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding! Central to Lydia's journey is her collaboration with her family: her visionary father, the company's founder, her remarkable tech/marketing minded older brother, and her younger brother, a sales prodigy. Together with their mother, who excels in client relations and phone management, they form a formidable team united in their commitment to the company's enduring success. With a profound understanding of the industry and a passion for continuous improvement, Lydia Brewster is poised to share invaluable insights into elevating profits and retention through technician development. Rooted in a rich family legacy and entrepreneurial spirit, her perspective promises to inspire and empower audiences to unlock their full potential in the dynamic landscape of business.



Elevating Profits and Retention by Developing your Technicians

10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Location: S330 C

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