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France Lemieux

France Lemieux is the Head of the Materials and Treatment Section at Health Canada and holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a Masters' degree in Civil Engineering -Water Resources. She participates in the development of the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, which include considerations for treatment and materials that come into contact with drinking water such as plumbing fittings and treatment device. She is a member of U.S. Canada harmonized committees on plumbing standards and health-based standards for drinking water materials in contact with drinking water. France is currently the chair of the Water Quality Association Public Health Review Board, the Chair of NSF International's Joint committee on drinking water additives (which include NSF standards 60, 61 and 372), a member of NSF International's Council of Public Health Consultants and on the Board of Directors for RESEAU-CMI . France has worked in the drinking water area for the the last 25 years and her 34+ year career at Health Canada has included working in in the areas of radiation protection, product safety and pesticides.



PFAS Symposium (Additional Fee Applies)

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: 229

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