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Michael Heatwole

Mike Heatwole MWS, is the Regional Sales Manager Mid Atlantic for AO Smith Norh American Water Tretment / Water Right and Masters Mike Retired from May Supply Company in Virginia after 38 years as a Partner/Sales Manager and trainer. Mike started a State certified water testing Lab and specialized in water treatment equipment, design and troubleshooting. Mike continues to train Dealers and contractors far and wide on water quality and water treatment issues.Mike also works closely with the Office of Drinking Water in Virginia on water issues, legislation and training. Mike also acts as a consulant for the Virginia Household Water Quality Program run By Virginia Tech. Mike is a frequent presenter on water and waste water issues in the WQA, plumbing and water well Industries. Mike Currently serves as an technical Advisor for the Virginia Tech Master Well Owner Network, Mike is Vice Chair of the Membership committee and serves on the Certification and Training committee as well as several task forces. May Supply recieved the WQA Excellence award while under Mikes Leadership and last year Mike recived the WQA Regents award. Mike has a love of all aspects of water and enjoys working on and solving unique issues. Mike considersiders himself a bonified water nerd.



<a href="" title="Learn More About H2S: What's That Smell?">H2S: What's That Smell?

10:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Location: S330 E


Manganese-Little Understood Problem

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

Location: S330 C

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