Registration is open for the 2024 WQA Convention & Exposition. Advance pricing ends December 5th.

Kelly Thompson

Moti-Vitality founder and President Kelly Thompson MWS, CI, has spent over two decades in the Water Treatment Industry. Moti-Vitality specializes in hiring and training sales & management professionals specifically for the industry. Kelly is also the founder of The MV Marketplace, which sells industry-specific supplies. Kelly is the author of Flowing to Success (An Excellent Book with a Cheesy Title for the Water Treatment Sales Professional). He is a 2019 WQA Award of Merit recipient & Chair of the Professional Certification Committee. Moti-Vitality has helped hundreds of water treatment professionals achieve WQA Certification.



I Bought a Water Company. Now What?

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

Location: 204

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