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Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy Shannon Murphy is Chief Relationship Officer at Aquamor. Bachelor of Science from Concordia University, Montreal Canada and Masters of Science from Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan. 10 years at NSF International holding various positions within the organization in 61, DWTU and Plumbing Programs. 10 years at Watts Water Quality, during this time, worked with State and Federal EPA, Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA), Health Canada, State Primacy Agencies, Rural Water Association, AWWA, regional regulatory bodies, engineering firms and directly with small systems and operators across the country in order to develop and oversee successful decentralized Point of Use / Point of Entry programs for small system drinking water compliance. At Aquamor 10 years, WQA Board of Director, Pacific Water Quality Association Past President and current Board Member, Chairing WQRF research projects, WQA and PWQA Legislative Days participant, California State Water Resources Control Board SAFER Advisory Group member, Voting member of the NSF Standards Joint Committee.



WQRF Scientific Symposium (Additional Fee Applies)

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: S330 E

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