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Water Quality, Water Conservation and Energy Conservation Goals for Potable Water Systems

10:00 AM -
  10:50 AM
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Credits:  .1

This presentation summarizes recommendations from an expert panel for building potable water system (including water heating and hot water distribution) performance goals and design criteria that promote water quality, water conservation, and energy conservation. These three categories of goals are coupled and should be addressed simultaneously for water systems to meet their intended purposes and deliver adequate service for system users and owners. Consensus goals and design criteria will benefit both system designers and operators and can identify opportunities for innovation. Session attendees will be encouraged to share their insights into the performance goals and design criteria.

Learning Objectives

Participants will understand the relationship between water quality, water conservation and energy conservation water system goals

Participants will be introduced to quantitative building water system water quality, water conservation and energy conservation goals and design criteria

Participants will identify opportunities for innovative devices, designs and operational strategies for meeting all building water system goals

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