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Market Trends in the Water Treatment Industry

10:00 AM -
  10:50 AM
Business Operations

Look at the market and consumer trends to help you better understand the water treatment industry. With increased awareness around water quality issues and changing consumer needs, it is extremely important to understand the different mindsets regarding water treatment. As industry and economic fluctuations continue, keeping an eye on market trends is crucial. Gain valuable insights into the latest market trends and changes affecting the water treatment industry. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the current landscape and future directions of the market.

Learning Objectives

Review WQA valves report, identify previous trends and present how the report can be used alongside other economic variables to forecast the direction of the industry.

Highlight interesting facts from WQA’s consumer opinion study. Focus on statistically significant relationships.

Review RO Market trends, highlight important water in the news and notice the increased awareness of contaminants of emerging concern.


Claudia Milliron

Senior Market Research Manager

, Pennsylvania, United States

Kinetico Incorporated

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