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Manganese-Little Understood Problem

9:00 AM -
  9:50 AM
Introductory Treatment Topics
Credits:  .1

This course will discuss managense in water. We will discusss how to test for it and learn to recogonize signs that manganese may be a problem. We will discuss the possible healy effects of manganese and how to remove or reduce it in our water supplys. We will also discuss not just the human effects but some work I have done in the Ag industry as it relates to manganese. This is a topic that has surfaced at previous meeting that shoud be discussed more in our industry.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn how to test for manganese and what to look for the related signs that manganese may be a problem. Manganese and its relationship to iron will be discussed.

Attendees will also learn about manganese bacteria and how re-circulation systems can cause a potential buildup of manganese in water supplies.

Diffenert methods of reduction and removal will be discussed ans well as pros and cons of each type of system.


Michael Heatwole

Regional Sales Manager-Mid Atlantic

Dayton, Virginia, United States

A O Smith/ Water-Right

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