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Introduction to Softener Efficiency

8:00 AM -
  8:50 AM
Technical Topics-Introductory
Credits:  0.1

Brine efficiency is defined by the number of grains of recoverable hardness removal capacity achieved by a softener per pound of salt used in regeneration. A perfect score is around 6,000 grains/lb. Softeners rated as ‘high efficiency’ by WQA run at 4,000 grains/lb., but most operate in the 2,500-grain range due to the inherent lower efficiency from the use of more salt than is needed for good results (see Figure 1). Counterflow regeneration of a softener saves salt and saves water. But that’s not the only thing green about it. It also saves customers money while actually improving performance. From the viewpoint of the manufacturer/dealer, there’s a lot of sizzle with the higher-tech approach to softening that will certainly offer numerous advantages to help improve sales.


Douglas Haring

Sales and Application Specialist - Technical Services

Windsor, Wisconsin, United States

Clack Corporation

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