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Greywater Reuse-Residential, Commercial, Industrial

2:00 PM -
  2:50 PM
Technical Topics
Credits:  0.1

With water usage becoming ever more of a concern, greywater recycling can be an attractive option, but it poses its own unique challenges. With the technologies that are available on the market residential homes can save up to 45% of their potable water use just by recycling the greywater from bath, shower and laundry. They can treat this lightly contaminated water and use for toilet flushing, laundry and outdoor irrigation. Imagine being able to save over 15,000 gallons of potable water usage per home per year! There are third party certification methods available today to prove the efficacy of greywater recycling devices, from NSF to CSA. All to ensure the safety of greywater recycling right in the home. The time to act is now as our water supply is at its most vulnerable.


Melissa Lubitz

Business Development Director, North America

Elora, Ontario, Canada

Hydraloop Inc

Paul Friot


Bradenton, ,

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