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Elevating Profits and Retention by Developing your Technicians

10:00 AM -
  10:50 AM
Business Operations

Get ready for an electrifying session packed with strategies to revolutionize your company's technicians, retention rates, and mindset around onboarding and training! Join Lydia as we delve into the dynamic world of technician development, which she has onboarding over 24 people in 1.5 years testing out all of her methods. Discover actionable insights on successful onboarding and continuous growth strategies that transcend individual achievements. Uncover the secrets to nurturing resilient, top-performing teams that drive employee satisfaction through the roof. Elevate your company's competitive edge in the market and unlock unparalleled success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your profits and retention rates!

Learning Objectives

Discover effective on-boarding and development strategies.

Learn to cultivate resilience and high performance in your team.

Gain actionable insights for boosting employee satisfaction and competitive edge.


Lydia Brewster

Warehouse & Marketing Manager

Lenoir City, Tennessee, United States

Aqua Clear Water Systems

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