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Drinking Water Treatment - A Zero Liquid Discharge Design

10:00 AM -
  10:50 AM
Advanced Treatment Topics
Credits:  .1

A large recreational facility had been using electrodialysis technology (EDR) to remove hardness and silica from their well water supply. The EDR system became inoperable and the owner contracted with a systems manufacturer to design and supply a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system to recover and reuse all the wastewater generated during treatment of the well water. This presentation will focus on the design and pilot testing of the ZLD system. The system utilized crossflow microfiltration and reverse osmosis technologies combined with crystallization and evaporation. A total 57,600 gpd of water is recovered and recycled in this process.

Learning Objectives

To learn details of zero liquid discharge applications.

To design pilot testing programs.

To relate standard water treatment technologies to wastewater recovery.


Peter Cartwright


Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Cartwright Consulting Company

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