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Canature Business Spotlight: Application Analysis: High-Efficiency Commercial Softening

1:00 PM -
  1:50 PM
Business Spotlight
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Historically, commercial water softening systems have consisted of large single and twin alternating units with their selection based on peak flows to meet maximum output demand. The result is often hard water slippage during low flow conditions due to oversized equipment. Over time this can cause costly damage to water heaters, boilers, valves and fixtures as well as increase energy and cleaning chemical consumption. During this session, we’ll work through a real commercial project to see how high-efficiency multi-tank systems can meet the peak flow and sizing requirements of the job while offering salt and water savings and minimizing hard water channeling at low flow rates, resulting in higher water quality with lower operating costs. *Business Spotlight Disclaimer*: The views and opinions expressed during the Business Spotlights are those of the companies presenting and do not necessarily reflect the views, policies, or position of the Water Quality Association, nor do they constitute an endorsement of any products and/or services offered or discussed by the presenter.


Bryan Laird

Director, Sales & Marketing, Commercial Industrial Engineering Division (CWG)

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Ronnie Taylor

Regional Sales Manager, Hydrotech

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