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Building Water Quality in the WELL Building Standard: Parameters, Impact, Opportunities and Challenges.

11:00 AM -
  11:25 AM
Advanced Treatment Topics
Credits:  .05

The WELL Building Standard has become a premier roadmap for buildings and organizations to prioritize human health, as signaled by its explosive adoption in over 4 billion sq ft worldwide. This presentation aims to describe the drivers behind the adoption of WELL strategies, and how this growth translates into more water quality-related programs being implemented in buildings. In particular, the role that water quality plays within the WELL Building Standard will be discussed in detail, focusing on relevant strategies, parameters and thresholds. Finally, the opportunities and challenges faced by buildings seeking to implement these strategies will be analyzed.

Learning Objectives

To recognize how building certifications can contribute to improved building water quality

To identify water quality parameters and thresholds required in WELL programs

To identify barriers of adoption and opportunities for buildings seeking to implement water quality-related strategies


Rodolfo Perez

Senior Director, Standard Development

, ,

International WELL Building Institute

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