Sustainability Practices

All WQA Events are planned with sustainability at the forefront. We aim to partner with venues that are environmentally conscious and share similar sustainability goals.

2023 Convention Venue – Caesars Forum:

Silver LEED rating.
Continuous environmental and corporate responsibility efforts.
Hotels are connected to expo hall to reduce travel, resulting in lower emissions.
Accessibility for attendees and exhibiting companies: 100+ member companies are located within a five-hour drive of this location, resulting in less travel and lower emissions.
The connected LINQ hotel has a 39 150 EV charging stations for cars.

Working Toward a Zero-Waste Event

WQA is closer to the goal of hosting a zero-waste event than it ever has been, reducing the use of paper and plastic in several ways:

Name badges are made of sturdy paper rather than plastic, so they are more recyclable and biodegradable. Additionally, we have reduced the size of the badges from previous years to further reduce waste.
WQA will distribute refillable water bottles and provide water bottle filling stations throughout the convention center.
Putting materials in the Convention Mobile App instead of printing them replaces program guides and reduces handouts.
The Mobile App features a ‘virtual tote bag’ that replaces physical tote bags full of printed materials.

The 2024 WQA Convention & Exposition

Our venue, the Orange County Convention Center, follows many sustainability practices

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas April 18-20!

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